our roots

Our mission is simple. Provide high quality organic CBD. Our CBD is affordable, while still maintaining quality and strength.

As CBD consumers ourselves, we had been looking for a viable CBD product that is no BS, 100% Hemp, and untampered with. Not to mention, this CBD needed to be affordable. No such thing existed so we derived it ourselves.

Our customers come first, as Nebula was created because of you. We strive to go on this journey of clean healing together and bust the tyranny of prescription drugs that cover up sickness and drain wallets. Like we said, no BS.

That is why, we welcome you to an exciting time where CBD is no longer demonized but regarded as a friend full of multiple healing capabilities. We only wish it came sooner.

Feel free to contact us, tell us about your healing journey. Recommend a new product. Or, just say hi.




I have a very personal connection and passion for CBD which is why I started Nebula. When I was 8 years old, my mother, Pamela, had a grand mal seizure. She passed away in front of me without my 8 year old self knowing what was going on. Later in life, I realized that the medications and side effects of those medications were prohibiting her from leading a normal life. She couldn’t drive or even function and as a mother she stopped taking the medications to take care of me. So, because I am a problem solver and wish to God no one else goes through the same thing I did, I have dedicated my life to finding a solution. Nebula CBD was created to provide a possible solution for many of today’s ailments - whether that be epilepsy, arthritis, anxiety, depression, or lack of restful sleep. I hope that you give Nebula a try and enjoy it, and possibly it will change your life for the better.


COO - Sarah Schroeder

CBD’s healing powers has always been of interest to me having PCOS, celiac disease, autoimmune disorders, and acne (basically I’m a big hot mess). Searching for high quality CBD products has been a challenge to find, especially a high enough dosage that has actually made a difference. The biggest problem was suffering high cost for higher quality and high quality was hard enough to find. Nebula CBD was created because nothing good enough out there existed. I use it every night. I’m extremely passionate about this product and constantly blown away from the countless stories from family and customers telling me about the positive impact it has had on their lives. My grandma uses it for her arthritis and dementia. My mom was put on opioids after surgery wrecking her health until switching to CBD and making an almost immediate recovery. I can tell you more countless miraculous stories including my own but I’d love to hear yours first.